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Jim is Pam’s son.  Extensive travelling and broad experiences have brought him into contact with many different cultures. He has fully and actively explored the countries and peoples he has visited and has always been drawn to expressions of cultural identity, particularly those that are carved. Often these were of wood but it was the lasting qualities of stone that led him to develop his own interest in stone carving, either in relief or in ‘the round’.

Examples of Jim’s work can be seen by clicking on the thumbnails and following the links. 

Jim works largely to commission and his pieces have found homes both nationally and internationally. They are suitable for private or public spaces and Jim works closely with his clients to produce uniquely satisfying works of art that will endure for generations. Most of these carvings can be installed either indoors or outside. 

In order to commission a slate carving Jim would need to know:

A full-size design will then be sent to be looked over and approved before carving will take place. Any changes in the design will be undertaken and re-sent for confirmation.

Jim will be able to give the approximate time needed to carve the work and a full price will be given along with the drawn design.

A deposit will be required prior to work being undertaken in order to maintain a clear working relationship. Full communication will be maintained throughout the project keeping the client up to the situation. Once completed, the final payment can be made and the piece may be:

Please note :

To maintain a high standard of carving these works cannot be completed quickly. If the piece is required for a specific date please ensure Jim is fully aware of this date and give as much time as possible for the design and carving to be completed.


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