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Joanna Martins BSc

Joanna is Pam’s eldest daughterMost of her childhood was spent on the move as the family followed their father, a pilot in the Royal Navy, on his overseas postings. 

These early experiences left indelible impressions on Joanna who went on to explore much more of the world. She gained a degree in Geology and spent 12 years in Canada as a geologist in the great mining camps of Northern Ontario. The long bitter winters finally encouraged her to head for warmer weather and she spent the next 8 years in Africa. It was her experiences in the Congo that reignited her interest (first sparked by Cree and Ojibway native art in Ontario) in cultural icons and the symbolism of rites of passage. These years of camping in the rainforest and living among the diverse peoples of the Congo basin in search of tribal art were the most enriching of her life.

Joanna says: ‘When I returned to the UK and a more settled life in Devon I was finally able to more fully explore my own artistic impulses. I find the most satisfaction in 3 dimensional work and I am presently developing ideas in sculpted clay and carved concrete. The original models for these cold cast bronze pieces are built up in chavant clay from which a mould is taken to cast the finished work.’ 

The hare is the sacred animal of Eostre, the Celtic goddess of the spring moon. It evokes the echoes of Devon’s Celtic heritage. In pre-Roman Britain the hare was rarely eaten because of its sacred links to the goddess, but the Romans brought the sport of hare coursing with them. As they displaced the Celts to the fringes of the Empire they also decimated the hare and its grey shadow slipped into legend along with the Celts. The coming of Christianity reinstated the sacredness of the hare as the festival of Easter is taken from the name of that ancient goddess Eostre. The Easter bunny is her totem, the hare. 

The hare is also associated with the moon in China and Tibet, and the dragon has been a powerful sacred symbol in both oriental and western mythology for thousands of years. It is still a popular cultural icon.


Sleeping Dragon
Grooming Hare
Crouching Hare

‘Crouching Hare’

‘Grooming Hare’ 

‘Sleeping Dragon’

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Watchful Hare

‘Watchful Hare’

Otter Pair

  ‘Otter Pair’   

Moongazer Hare

  ‘Moongazer Hare’   




The piece is first sculpted in chavant (beau touche) clay. This original model is then used to create a mould from which the solid finished pieces are cast. The bronze medium used here is high quality finely ground bronze metal powder bound with a resin matrix and is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Each piece is cast singly from the mould and finished by hand. Treated with the same care as you would treat a piece of ceramic artwork it will give you a lifetime of pleasure.

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